This corner of the site is set up to collect high quality images of all Icelandic posters, but it has grown since I realiced the power of the internet. The best part of this corner is that it lists where you can buy the movie online. If you find a store online that I haven't listed, please email me.

The mission is to have all posters, all credit lists (for Icelandic movies) and where it is cheepest to buy them. I hope this grows peoples interests in Icelandic movies. Please notice that this list is and will probably never be complete. Bouth lists of Icelandic movies and information for indivitual movies.

I've spent way to much time trying to translate this list into english. So for now it will only be awailable on the Icelandic site. But it's quite simple, just remeber that if there is an external link, then it's probably where you can buy it. If you have any problems, contact me.