In short, I started saving up for a world tour in Mai 2005, and worked in a remote restorant in Kárahnjúkar way up in the mountains until Mai 2006. On August the second 2006 I whent with the group of young mercinaris to Kenya for a few weeks. When they leave for Iceland, I'm staying there and use all my money to travel around. I hope the money lasts until August 2008. In other words, I'll travel until I've finished the 1.3 million kronars I have saved.

It's been hell in Kárahnjúkar. I would have never maid it if I hadn't this strong of a dream. The good thing about it, is that you get free food and a room, so basicly you don't have to spend anything, and there was nothing to buy there.

More detailed information will hopefully come soon. Until then, look at a few photos from Kárahnjúkar.