Well, do you realy want to get out of here? Ok, I won't try to stop you. But I'll tell you what I will do. I'll show you other cool sites that I found interesting, and I hope you do to. (first come the newest entrys, and last are the old ones)

The Kraftwerk very cool official site.

Every information you'll ever want

Send sms and email into the future

A must read! It will change your life

And this too

Do you hate msn? Me to, so I downloaded Mercury

What is your favourit quote? Do you know who said it?

Finaly you can buy some Icelandic movies that you havn't seen

I always want to buy the best DVD

I do fart alot, and I get many complants about it. I'll prove that I'm not the only one

My old internet journal. Don't post there anymore, but you might want to look at it

Two little quizes about me and me

A very cool Icelandic site where you can ask almost anything, and search other questions

Joblo is always the coolest

I ask everyone to give blood, it's good for the sole

I hope that everyone knows what imdb is, if not, search it and find out

A site that runs like imdb, exept it's about music videos

Please don't steal DVD's, but if the cover of the DVD that you bought sucks ...

Sell anything, buy anything

A very cool guy, with a cool site were you can see cool videos

Matrix fans, go to MFN

The best flash that I've seen, I've been searching for the song on mp3, so if you have it...

If you have a mac, you might want to search for software

You have to do this, I've been doing it for many years. Hope we find something soon

And because I'm special

Og þá er ekki fleyra í þættinum í kvöld, veri þið sæl.