On this corner are unwriten rules that Steingrimur GH follows, you free to do the same if you wich to. As always on this site, the newest entries are at the top.

19 - Love your enamy

18 - If some one dosn't want to tell you somethin, deal with it

17 - Remeber that people are assholes

16 - You shall always keep the toilet seet up

15 - If there is a can with ice cubes, it's not alowed to steal the cubes into your own glas

14 - To avoid to much dishwash you shall try to make as few things dirty as posible

13 - Don't have the menu on DVD's with music and graphics like a video game

12 - Explore the world

11 - Don't change art after it's release

10 - If some one calles you and hangs up because he can't afford to pay the call, don't call back

9 - You shall take drugs, don't smoke sigarets and not drink alcohol

8 - Create a line for every acation, alsow in theaters and into conserts

7 - You may not under any surcumstanses leave trash out in the nature

6 - Don't make remakes of movies unless the original is rubish

5 - Don't make a sequal to a movie just because it was sucessful

4 - You shall not buy anything from the shop at intermissions in theaters

3 - If your children are not well raised, don't blame the school

2 - Remeber that money dosn't matter, that's why you should do something els with them then spend theim

1 - You shall not urinate behind a door