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Why bother you may ask. Going through the troubble. Well, for one thing, it's not that much troubble at all, believe me, I know. And it's a great opertunity to take your camera (if you have one) and take other pictures while you're at it. Second, when enough images have been posted, there will be a contest of what is the best single licens plate, best couple (sumar & vetur) and many other categories. So, do you think that you have the best license plate in Iceland, or just want visitors on this site to be able to enjoy it, go ahead and send an image!

Submittin: I'd love to here from you, but most of all, I'd like for you to send me images of license plates that you don't see here (You may alsow post images with better quality of an already posted license plate). To make it easier for me, please add the date when the image was taken, and try not to have it bigger than 440x340. If there's no date, I'll add the date when the image was sent. Only Icelandic numbers will be added that are personalised, diplomatic or plates seen in movies. All other images will be ignored, unless a very good reason is attatched.

List of all personalised licens plates in Iceland
The proposle of alowing personalised licens plates
Where do the old licens plates come from and
World License Plates

Facts: A regular license plate in Iceland has two letters and three numbers (for example AB 123) and becaus the Icelandic alfabet has 33 letters, that would make it maximum 1.087.911 if no one would have personalised licens plates. Icelandic personalised numberplates have a maximum of 6 letters, or numbers. Enjoy:

All images:

Because of heavy threats and lawsutes, I must inform you that I can not take responsibility for misprints on this site. Information may change without warning. To make the information more reliable I'll try to have links to their pictures. Note the dates on most of them to get an idea of the chanses of them still being in use. Thank's for your understanding, and please email me with more info. For the official list of personal license plates in Iceland, go to